Lady in the Window

Sometimes the only way to capture a scene is to grab the phone from your pocket and to click. However, an image on a phone is soon forgotten, overtaken by the simplicity of capture as more and yet more images mount up , all hidden from the world on a tiny micrchip.

Η Κυρία στο Παράθυρο.
40 x40 cm

In this case, I was walking along the side of the little path parallel main road in Μακύνεια, mainland Greece, on my way back from the local shop there, when I spotted this lady in a her kitchen window. Even though she was some distance away, my clever phone with its 5 lenses, allowed me to choose to capture it up close and as a square image. I didn’t, however, have any square canvases with me, so its had to wait a couple of months for my vision to come to fruition!

Charcoal sketch on canvas
The start

Oil paintings in Greece -Makyneia.

Σπιτάκι με μπουγάδα. Little Greek house with washing line and grapevine.
This is how it started out, as a charcoal sketch, directly onto the canvas.
Avyi’s magical garden. Ο μαγικός κήπος της Αυγής στην Μακύνεια.
Moody Mountains from Avyi’s Garden

Τοπίο Μετά από την βροχή

Μπουγανβιλλια, Bougainvillea