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Paintings by Elaine Ask

The first painting I ever sold was in 1970 to one of my college lecturers, then in 1972 I went to live in Greece, where I held my very first Solo Art Exhibition in “Gallery Arsa” -(Γκαλερί Άρσα) in November of that year, then a further 7 Solo Shows every year thereafter until 1980 inclusive as well as participating in many group exhibitions in both Thessaloniki and in Athens. Thus began my love affair with all things Greek

Evening sunlit garden in Makuneia, Greece
Painting by Ask
Oil on Canvass
2018 Chios
Elli having breakfast on her balcony

Approximately 800 x 600 mm
Breakfast on the Balcony. Kampos, Chios
Πρωινό στο μπαλκόνι στη Χίο 2018
Elli watering her plants while the chickens cluck around. Oil on canvass by Ask, 700 x 500 mm
Elli’s Garden. Chios
Ο κήπος της Έλλης
Κάμπος, Χίος 2018
720 x 500 mm
Oil Painting on canvass by Ask - "The Magic of Evening Light"
700 x 500 mm. Aegina May 2019
Τοίχος με Αγριολούλουδα στο βραδινό Φως. Αίγινα Μάιος 2019
The Magic of Evening Light.
– a profusion of flowers and grasses against an old wall with a painted tree that could almost be a shadow of the real thing.
Oil on Canvas 700 x 500 mm May 2019 in Aegina
“Τοίχος με Αγριολούλουδα στο βραδινό Φως”
Αίγινα Μάιος 2019
Oil Painting on canvass by Ask of a little house with sweeping curves of foliage over a curved metal gate,  dotted with geraniums and bougainvillea 700 x 500 mm May 2019
"Μονοκατοικία με Λουλούδια"  Αίγινα
“Little House with Bougainvillea”
“Μονοκατοικία με Λουλούδια” Αίγινα
Oil Painting on Canvas by Ask 2019 in Aegina
Oil painting in Chios by Elaine Ask artist
Oil on canvas 700 x 500 mm. October 2016, Chios, Greece.
I love the play of light and shade how it divides this painting up into complex patterns. The couple The are neighbours of my Greek friend Elli. Sadly the old man in this picture has since passed away.
Oil on Canvass 400 x 300 mm
Landscape in Samos 2018
by  Ask.  Its now signed too.
“Samos Cyprus trees and Little House” 2018
“Σπιτάκι στη Σάμο στο τοπίο με κυπαρίσσια”.
400 x 300 mm
Oil painting in Crete by Elaine Ask artist
Oil on canvas October 2016. Avdou, Crete. 700×500 mm
This little cul-de-sac was a magical discovery, just perfect for my painting. I love the curves of the vine as it twists its way up, starkly contrasting with the white walls of the cottage.
The Yellow House  - oil on canvass - by Ask. 2019
600 x 400 mm approximately
Το Κίτρινο Σπιτάκι, The Yellow House – see the story of this painting, on my blog.
Oil on canvass by Ask.
Restaurant in Manolates, Samos, Greece.
Oil on canvass by Ask.
Η Πηγή, Μανωλάτες, Σάμος
Pigi restaurant in Manolates, Samos, Greece. October 2019
720 x 500 mm
Oil painting by Ask of Maria chatting to her neighbour in Valletta, Malta.
Oil on Canvass by Ask
720×500 mm
December 2019
“Neighbourhood Chat” – Valletta, Malta.
Elaine Ask, Oil painting, Ask Artist. Ελαιογραφία της Άσκ.
Traditional old Greek house in Fourka, Kassandra, Halkidiki

oil on canvas

40×60 cm

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Ο κήπος της Έλλης 2021

Elli’s Garden 2021

oil on canvas 70x50cm

Chios, Χιος, Greece

oil painting by Ask

Blue Shutters and Shadows, Alonnisos 2022, oil on canvas 70×50

Blue Window and Geranium, Skiathos 70×50 cm oil on canvas