Elaine Ask’s painting career spans 1970 to the present day, mainly signed simply as Ask (my maiden name)

Latest oil paintings

Greece is my main source of inspiration, so be prepared for brightly lit scenes, of traditional Greek life!

Traditional old street in Galaxidi

Σοκάκι στη Γαλαξίδι

Yachts moored in the harbour at Galaxidi, Greece.
Restaurant in Galaxidi, Greece

Το Μπαϊράκι Μεζεδοπωλείο

Greek, landscape, Villa Terracotta, oil painting, oil on canvas, by Elaine Ask, Ask,
Greek Landscape at Villa Terracotta, Delphi
Greece, Arachova, eveing light, oil painting, Elaine Ask, by Ask artist
Evening over Arachova, Greece

Βραδινό φως στη Αράχωβα

Kittens with midday sun shadows, Γατάκια στο μεσημεριανό ήλιο.

Μεσημεριανές Κουβέντες Midday Chat in Greek Garden

Oil on canvas June 2022, in Μακύνεια. Greece, 70x50cm

Most of my work is for sale, but of course I hate parting with any of it!