Reviews of Elaine Ask artist

RevIews of ask artist

Portrait of Earle Gilgeous by Ask 1983, property of the sitter

I can’t review myself of course, but today a former client – and friend – found me here on this site, and sent me a message, reminding me about his portrait that I painted 37 years ago in 1983! He now lives in Canada but sent me a copy of his beloved painting that he has carried with him across the world, as it still means the world to him! Feel free to add your reviews if you own a painting by Elaine Ask or a limited edition print :

Young Cellist and Double Bass Player in a painting commissioned by their mother
The Young Musicians – 2019

The painting above of the young musicians, was also a portrait commision, but from a photograph I took many years earlier. You can see the various stages of development here, as this painting materialised

4 thoughts on “Reviews of Elaine Ask artist

  1. This very Talented Artist Created This Painting About 30 years ago For me . I Hangs on the main wall in the Living Room, I See it Every Day I consider it a thing of Beauty amd it brings me and my Family end-less pleasure ,, amd it always is a great conversation starter for new visitors / friend’s ,,
    —- and sometimes i find my self talking it for advice (but dont tell ant one ,, )


    1. How wonderful Earle! It’s a unique characteristic of real art, how it can continue to tell a story that often outlives ourselves, and certainly keeps that story alive long after we might have forgotten it. Am amazed you found your special artist again too, 37 years after painting your portrait as a young man!


  2. I’m not going to lie but seeing that painting brought a tear to my eye. I remember seeing that painting along with the one of me as a small child growing up in every house we lived in.and the story of how it came to Canada with us. It saddens me that the paintings have since been lost or stolen at no fault of my father.

    But you are an amazing artist. The details and the artwork is talent .
    Thank you for making such beautiful artwork

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    1. WOW! That is pretty amazing Sarah! Thank you SO much! We have never met as you weren’t around when I painted your dad’s portrait all those years ago, but its quite emotional to know how important this painting has been to you both over the years! Art that hits the heart fulfils it job, so makes my life so much more rewarding! I hope it continues to give pleasure to many generations to come, so keep it safe! xx Elaine Ask


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